Running a Miner

After having created a wallet, copy the address and run pyrinminer with it:

CPU miner

Windows pyrinminer.exe --miningaddr pyrin:YOUR_CREATED_ADDRESS

Max/Linux ./pyrinminer --miningaddr pyrin:YOUR_CREATED_ADDRESS

Note: The miner is single threaded CPU miner, so it is best to run several instances of it to utilize more than one CPU core. Note: Mining cannot start before the network is synchronized. In order to conserve your CPU, the miner will not start mining before the node is synced. Hence, it is expected to see a mining rate of 0 Hashes/second for a while as pyipad obtains the current network state.

GPU miner

You can download the GPU miner binaries here: Linux: Windows:

Starting the GPU miner in the same way like the CPU miner.However, please check the various options by using the parameter --help to find suitable settings for your graphic card.

Windows pyrin-miner.exe [OPTIONS] --mining-address <MINING_ADDRESS>

Max/Linux ./pyrin-miner [OPTIONS] --mining-address <MINING_ADDRESS>

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