When was Pyrin founded, and when did the Mainnet launch?

Pyrin was established in early 2023, made its introduction in June 2023, and officially launched its Mainnet on November 22, 2023.

Was there an ICO or pre-mining?

No, all information about the Pyrin mining process was available on the website, GitHub, Twitter and Medium before the Mainnet launch. There was no pre-mining and no private, public or seed sale rounds.

What about the Tokenomics?

Symbol: PYI Circulating

Supply: https://explorer.pyrin.network/

Total Supply: 882,613,435 PYI

Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 PYI


How do I start mining on Pyrin?

After setting up a wallet and creating an address, use the Pyrinminer tool. Run it with the command pyrinminer.exe --miningaddr pyrin:YOUR_CREATED_ADDRESS. To fully utilize multi-core CPUs, run multiple instances of the miner.

What are the system requirements for mining Pyrin?

While the exact requirements can vary, a dual-core CPU and at least 3 GB of RAM (which can spike to 8 GB during syncing) are recommended. Ensure adequate disk space, as usage starts at 4 GB and can grow about 1 GB daily.

Can I mine Pyrin on multiple computers?

Yes, you can mine on multiple computers. Use Pyrinminer on each machine, and point them to your main node using the -s flag with your node's IP address.

Is pyrin ASIC resistant?

Yes, ASIC mining is not effective on the pyrin blockchain. While ASIC miners can find blocks, these will fail in the validation process, meaning no rewards are issued. Moreover, it is important to note that blocks found by ASIC miners can affect the network's hashrate

Node Operations

How can I set up a CLI node for pyrin on my Windows machine?

Follow the steps in the pyrin CLI Node Setup Guide. Download pyrin Core Files, extract them, create a .bat file with specific commands, and run it. Ensure your system meets the minimum requirements, including sufficient RAM, CPU, and disk space.

How do I make my pyrin node accessible to others?

Allow connections on ports 16110 (for RPC) and 16111 (for node-to-node communication) in your firewall. Optionally, forward these ports in your router for public access.

What should I do if my pyrin node is not syncing?

Check your internet connection, ensure the firewall allows connections on ports 16110 and 16111, and consider downloading a bootstrap database for faster syncing. You might also add known working nodes using the --addpeer command.

How to troubleshoot a pyrin node that crashes frequently?

Add a pause command in your pyipad.bat file to view logs before the node restarts. This will help identify the cause of the crashes.

How do I check the status of my pyrin node via CLI?

Run pyipad.exe --utxoindex to start your node. Use pyipad.exe --help to view more command flags and status options.

Can I specify a different data storage location for my pyrin node via CLI?

Yes, use the --appdir command line parameter to specify a different folder for data storage.

Smart Contract

When will the hard fork and 30 million tokens be released?

The hard fork and subsequent release of 30 million tokens will coincide with the launch of the smart contract.

Will the smart contract be implemented on Layer 1?

Yes, we have opted to implement our smart contract on Layer 1, necessitating a one-time hard fork.

Can you elaborate on Pyrin Lang?

Pyrin Lang is a custom programming language specifically designed for Pyrin. Its purpose is to simplify the process of writing smart contracts for developers, the syntax of the language is inspired by both TypeScript and Solidity giving a flexible and expressive language.

Will the smart contract operate on Rust?

Yes, our smart contract will be executed on a full Rust node .

What is Pyrin Swap UI?

Pyrin Swap UI is a user interface that allows users to interact with the Pyrin smart contract. It provides a simple and intuitive way to create, manage, and trade tokens.

What is Pyicore?

Pyicore is the integrated development environment (IDE) for Pyrin, enabling developers to quickly and efficiently write smart contracts in the Pyrin language in a user-friendly environment.

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