▫️5. Mining

How do I start mining on Pyrin?

After setting up a wallet and creating an address, use the Pyrinminer tool. Run it with the command pyrinminer.exe --miningaddr pyrin:YOUR_CREATED_ADDRESS. To fully utilize multi-core CPUs, run multiple instances of the miner.

What are the system requirements for mining Pyrin?

While the exact requirements can vary, a dual-core CPU and at least 3 GB of RAM (which can spike to 8 GB during syncing) are recommended. Ensure adequate disk space, as usage starts at 4 GB and can grow about 1 GB daily.

Can I mine Pyrin on multiple computers?

Yes, you can mine on multiple computers. Use Pyrinminer on each machine, and point them to your main node using the -s flag with your node's IP address.

Is pyrin ASIC resistant?

Yes, ASIC mining is not effective on the pyrin blockchain. While ASIC miners can find blocks, these will fail in the validation process, meaning no rewards are issued. Moreover, it is important to note that blocks found by ASIC miners can affect the network's hashrate

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